Searching continues - zaterdag 2 februari 2019

I've contacted several organisations in Athens, Sofia and Bratislava which work for people with a disability. To give some examples: Caritas and Unicef in Bulgaria, the Onassis Cultural Center in Greece (they have a special program for people with disabilities) and a big organisation for the blind in Slovakia. Most of them didn't answer at all or the answer was vague.
Things are thus not going the right way. In case I wish to make my final in trip in May as planned, I do have to find people to interview in at least two countries in order to make the trip worth it and book my means of transport this month.
So, I call upon people with a disability in Atherns, Sofia and Bratislava again (and on persons who know someone with a disability): take a look at my interview page and in case you are willing to figure on it too, contact me today! E-mail address can be found in the footer. I am waiting for you!


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