I am looking for you - woensdag 9 januari 2019

As you may have read, the end of my trip within the European Union will take me to Greece, Bulgaria and Slovakia May 2019. I'm currently looking for inhabitants with a disability in these countries who would be interested in being interviewed by me. What can you expect?
The aim of my European trip is to find out how people with a disability experience their life in the country they live. The living conditions for people with a disability differ from country to country. I wish to make these differences clear to the visitors of this site, so they can form their own judgement. And who knows take action. My website already counts dozens of interviews out of 24 countries. They are read by thousands of visitors each year. Greece, Bulgaria and Slovakia are the last countries within the European Union about which I will publish. 
I'll only be able to publish good written articles about Greece, Bulgaria and Slovakia by talking to inhabitants who live their daily life with a disability of these countries themselves. Thus: do you have a disability and are you living in either Athens, Sofia or Bratislava and are you interested in being interviewed by me? Send me a mail!: Whether you are man or woman, young or old is of no importance. Your disability may be physical, visual, intellectual or even a hearing impairment. As long as you are able to communicate in the English language in such a way we understand each other well during the interview, I would like to meet you!
See you in May? 


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